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Markov & Markov is a hi-tech software company, which is involved in design, development, improvement, maintenance and servicing of software systems.

Markov & Markov is specialized in desktop and network software creation, development and technical support. The company also is involved in WEB design and WEB development of websites. The all software that Markov & Markov offer are develops under SCUS technology / System for Creation of Users Systems / on "Programming without programmers" principle. Markov & Markov develops software systems in several directions:

1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

- these are software systems which integrate several different processes and the flow of data in a single complex computational software. In other words, these are software systems, covering the overall activity of a particular subject and providing different type information - for managers, for analysis, for operative staff, etc.

The ERP systems are composed from different software and hardware modules that work together with a common database. For various processes covered in the ERP systems are provides certain define part of the common database, which are authorized to work. In this way the ERP modules can work individually and together. Individually they modify data in define files and at the same time can get results from other processes in ERP if they have authorized access to the shared files.

We develop ERP software systems on demand - i.e. we meet with the client, we study its needs, the business processes of its activity and its staff who is involved in these processes. We study information flows which run in and between these processes and how data is transmitted to the various levels of management, etc. We suggest working points in ERP system where users will enter data and get results. We propose a scheme of software modules from the ERP system and what hardware is required for their work. We make suggestions for improving the working organization in light of new conditions which will be introduced with the help of the ERP system. Etc.

We develop exemplary model of the future ERP software system. We comment on this model with the client and make improvements according to its preliminary requirements while everything seemingly become well. Following training of staff and monitoring the work of ERP software system during the initial period. We analyze the performance of software applications and how the data are processed in the ERP system.

These processes are complex and usually require much time and resources if it is decided in the standard way. With the help of SCUS technology we have enormous competitive advantages and opportunities to minimize time for the development and implementation of ERP software system.

Subsequently, we sign contracts for maintenance, future development, consultancy and expertise. This is necessary because of changes in the micro and macro business environment of the client and the need for timely implementation of these changes in the operating ERP software system.

We develop ERP software systems, which have many software modules. Each process from the working environment of the client is developed in a separate software module. This allows separate software module in order to distinguish the only components that are necessary for the specialists who will work with him.

For example: The trade specialists are not interested in the specific accounting issues, so their activities are separated into a separate software module /separate software application/.

All software modules of the ERP software system work with a common database. Each software module uses a specific part of a common database. This allows work in real time to all professionals. Changes in the database can be visible by other users immediately when they are made.

ERP systems that were developed by us, using Internet protocol TCP/IP for communication between computers. This allows users of ERP systems to work together in the same way in the local area network /LAN/ and remotely over the Internet (i.e. no matter where the user is located). Many of our customers (especially the management and sales personnel) benefit continuously this opportunity. They work (receiving inquiries, orders placed for production, issued invoices, etc.) from their notebooks in mobile Internet from anywhere wherever they may be.

We have developed innovative system for data encryption. The developed from us ERP software systems successfully use it in the data transmission.

As an example of ERP software system may indicate ERP system covering the entire business of the client. In this ERP system may include the following software modules: accounting software system, store software system, (warehouse software system), software system for prime cost of the productions, a software system to calculate the depreciation of fixed assets, a software system for traders, a software system for Payroll, a software system for personnel, a software system for production / manufacture, etc.

Depending on the direction of the customer's business, may be added the following software modules: a software system for restaurants, a Hotel software system for Reservation and accommodation; for the transport business - Transport software system that monitors fuel, mileage, handles the transport documents, etc.; for ports - software modules that handle the overall port operation of transit of goods through the ports and connection with the customs.


For each type of business we match and include into ERP software system unique business software applications that are specially selected for the individual business environment in which the client works.

All software modules in ERP software system operate as separate applications or receive / transmit data from / to other software modules of the ERP software system.

All ERP software systems that we offer are developed by us and so as to serve the specific conditions of the client. Do not hesitate to order your ERP software system which will be made for you and will work for you.

2. Development of Internet Web Site /website development/

- Internet website is a combination of web pages, pictures, audio, video, etc. components that are installed on the Internet server(s) and are accessible via Internet /Intranet/ through browsers (programs that visualized web pages)

Currently, we develop Internet web pages (web development). The other components of web design of the Internet website as pictures, sound, video, etc. must be supplied by the client.

We develop web pages that work under PHP. PHP is free for use and it is one of the most widespread server's languages to development of Internet web pages. The web pages, who work under PHP are quick, simple and very reliable.

We separate Internet web pages development into two main types - simple Internet web pages and Internet web pages that use database.

2.1. Simple Internet web pages

- These are Internet web pages, which include all components of an Internet web page without working with database.

These Internet web pages are used to describe the information, for representation and advertising, to describe the contact information, etc.

To develop such Internet web pages, we must know where and how to arrange the text in separate Internet web pages, pictures, links to other web pages. In brief - to develop a certain Internet web page, the client must describe all requirements in details.

We use our SCUS technology for the development of Internet web pages. This allows us to quickly put the separate components of Internet web pages to the desired locations.

Don't hesitate to order simple Internet web pages for your website. We will rapidly develop them for you.

2.2. Internet web pages with database support

- These are simple Internet web pages provided with the opportunity to work with the database. They can save, update and delete data from the database, read data and form certain reports. Working with a database increases the myriad possibilities of Internet web pages and added many serious opportunities to websites.

For example: they are websites that are organized as stores, shops, exchanges, libraries, etc. Even ERP software systems can be developed as an Internet web pages and then they become web-based ERP software systems.

Development of Internet web pages who work with the database is a very difficult process because it is necessary in this web pages to combine several programming languages. This requires to work together several types of developers on the development of an Internet web page. In our development as the minimum necessary to use programming languages PHP and SQL, but additionally can add AJAX to data transfer between Internet browsers and Internet server(s), dynamic HTML /DHTML/ and Javascript for movements of the components of a particular Internet web page, etc.

The use websites with Internet web pages with database support may also require additional investments according to data that users will enter. It is possible to enter data that the system must secured and protected from unauthorized access. For example, this may be credit card numbers. In this case, the client must purchase additional specialized certificate for encryption of the connection /data transfer/ between user's browsers and Internet server (s).

We work with developed by us software technology SCUS for fast development of big websites with many Internet web pages that support work with the database. SCUS generate Internet web pages, who work with programming languages mentioned above. SCUS allow us to effectively combine many different programming languages. Thus developed Internet web pages can work better, depending on their destination.

Currently, we develop Internet web pages, who work with MySQL database. MySQL database is one of the most widespread databases, which use Internet web pages. Moreover - LAMP environment (Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP) becomes byword for websites on Internet servers with database support. Internet web pages developed by us work without any problem also on the LAMP environment.

With us, the process of developing Internet web pages with database support is very similar to the development of ERP software systems. There can be observed the same stages of development.

Subsequently, we sign contracts for maintenance, future development, consultancy and expertise. This is necessary because of changes in the micro and macro business environment of the client and the need for timely implementation of these changes in the operating software system.

Don't hesitate to order Internet web pages with database support for your website. These Internet web pages will increase very much your possibilities.

3. Development of software systems on demand

- We have specialized in development of software systems and our orders are from very broad area. Our customers operate in different directions and we must develop software systems according to their needs.

We develop software systems on individual demands.

For example: Customer, which it is not necessary complete ERP system, but only one of the software modules - storage software module.

Or customer already working with ERP software system, but subsequently he has the additional requirement - sales to be made also over the web site. Then we will have to add additional web features to ERP software system.

Or customer who placed entirely new order for developing a software system that serves his individual's specific needs.


Do not hesitate to order a software system at the individual request. We will explore your needs and will develop software system specifically for you.
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